Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith
kunstwirkstoff 2009

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kunstwirkstoff opens all doors for the third time

Sunday May 04th, 2008 12 - 7 pm
Location: Jerxheim Bahnhof, Bahnhofstrasse 33

Dagmar Glausnitzer and Alexander Rues are the founders of kunstwirkstoff, a house of action and an artists' retreat (for creative production in nature and seclusion). On Sunday May 4th 2008 from 12 to 7 pm the house at the train station opens its doors for the third time. It offers an insight into the artist studio and presents exhibitions with new work by regional artists Braunschweig, Hannover, Dresden, Berlin and London.

kunstwirkstoff represents a tool for the elementary work and production of performance art and live art activities such as the transit station events, exhibition as event which started in 2003 and now travels with 40 international artists through the cities of Europe (→ transitstation.de). The next transit station event will take place on April 18 and April 19, in Copenhagen 2009.

In the urban countryside between Braunschweig and Helmstedt, art here is also understood as action in art in action. In a wider landscape of art activities kunstwirkstoff now leaves its firm traces with 'foot-prints' of various art activities. It is the aim to find common interests and ideals through art, music and networking processes whilst exploring experimental actions. During the Open Day in May, a podiums discussion is planned with contributions from Philosophy, Journalism and Art Theory.

The discussion theme is based on the possible terminology of 'reality' and weather or not it is being determined and who possibly might determine its meaning.

The question is: is there a definition of or for reality which influences the direction of contemporary Art today?

Christian Mann introduces this discussion:

  • creative processes and their conditions for reflection, perception of time and environment - are these aspects which are restricted by a 'new' collective understanding of the concept of destiny?
  • does man have the power to be subdued by the world of objects?
  • will the artist's 'self' be sacrificed in a role-play due to the influences of his/her own biography?
  • who or what places social margins in this role-play?
  • which significance does a system demand on an independent developement of the artist today?

Podium: Dietmar Becker, philosopher, artist and poet and Christian Mann. Visitors, artists and the public are invited to share their opinions.


Quote from R. Menasse:

"thoughts are free but make up the caricature of artistic freedom, if thoughts only focus on 'release' instead of the deliverance of freedom."


Artists from different backgrounds are showing their work: Marina Klett paintings, Eru and Seven of Eglise (Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith and Alexander Rues) Performance Art and Soundwork (based on the cosmic octave), Barnim Schultze, Akasha Project elektronic music - molecular tunings, music based on the cosmic octave by B.E.L.(Brain Entertainment Laboratory), Christine Brelowski compositions with Viola di Gamba, Andreas Kothe paintings, Brigitte Constein-Gülde paintings, Mathieu Cortin sculpture and installation, artist group SMS: Wolfgang Schmidt, Wolf Menzel, Martin Seidel, Melanie Schaller paintings, Live performance by Natalie Bikoro London, Eva Förster presents a performance on the rail tracks with her identity suitcase, Nicola Späth shows graphic doodle[ings] and Eckart A. Glausnitzer new collage works based on prints by Albrecht Dürer.

'Art or Vegetables?': special exhibition by Athena, Bianca Otto and Norbert Haiduk from Eilum.

The expansion of culture derives from a rich tank of ideas and opens an insight into a wider collaboration of interdisciplinary artist's practices, which stay for a moment in conjunction with the urban countryside and a place, which used to be a train station.
The place Jerxheim Bahnhof remains to be a station for traveling people passing by, yet it is merely a metaphor, because since December 2007 the train station stop has been abandoned. Meanwhile there is a good bus replacement service during the week.












kunstwirkstoff and Second Open day
Sunday April 29th, 2007 12 - 7 pm
Location: Jerxheim Bahnhof, Bahnhofstrasse 33

What does 'kunstwirkstoff' mean? kunstwirkstoff is more than a name. Its definition is founded upon the ideas of engaging in the process of locating a base for conception and realization of projects, in theory and praxis. The location: Jerxheim-Bahnhof. kunstwirkstoff in action is the best reason to open all doors of the house at Bahnhofstrasse 33 a second time.

We invite the regional public and visitors from other countries. to enter our open doors on Sunday April 29th, 2007, when artists from Braunschweig, Hannover, Berlin and England will present their work in and around the house of former railway employees of Jerxheim-Bahnhof. On Sunday this impressive and graceful building will be transformed into a house of 'total' action

Following the open day, on May 1st, the Performance Art Workshop T.a.T., 'total action in art', will take place over three consecutive days. Participants will include students from the Fine Art Faculties of Kingston University London and Halle University, led by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Senior Lecturer at Kingston University and professional artist. One of the practical issues in this workshop explores personal experience to find a relationship between the house and nature and to develop a connection with materials and objects. These will be made, constructed, found and placed. In the centre of the image is the body.

The environment of the Samtgemeinde Heeseberg and Helmstedt offers areas, which only in the gaze offer an unusual image. It is the objective to re-discover these sites through the body, object and movement. The sense for space and time can get lost.

The Open Day 2007 in Jerxheim-Bahnhof is also an attempt to enter the regional cultural landscape with a firm step and leave traces from the artistic inventions in music, art, experimental actions and networking.

Artists from various backgrounds will present their work:
Marina Klett: paintings, Eru and Seven of Eglise (Glausnitzer-Smith and A. Rues): live Performance and Sound work based on the cosmic octave, Barnim Schultze, Akasha Project: Electronic music created on the basis of planetary circulation and atomic vibrations, Christine Brelowski and guests: Compositions with viola da gamba, Andreas Kothe: Installation and performance, Ulla Apitz: Readings, 'Hörprobe', Christoph Sündermann: Social-critical collages, Eckart A. Glausnitzer: Works on paper and collages, Elke Almuth Dieter: Installation, Christian Mann and his latest work.
Films by Christina Herzberg, photography and installation, Anton Soloveitchik, Nicola Fahlbusch, Christina Georgiou from London with light, space and speech presentation in performance and video.

This idea tank adds to the expansion of an immediate cultural development and offers an insight into different combinations of inter-disciplinary contemporary art practices within the countryside setting: a location which actually still is a railway station but at the same time it is a home at the tracks.

glausnitzer-smith, performance 'planes'
2007, photo: Petra Schilling


Press publication on the first open day
Sunday, August 13th, 2006




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