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31.01. Morphon live   Photonum, Braunschweig
28.03. Christina Georgiou and Eru  Live Performance Wichmannhalle, Braunschweig
10.06. Dagmar Glausnitzer  Paintings Wolfsburg
19.06. Seven of Eglise und Eru  Live Performance Görlitz
24.06. Eru  Spheroid Strings Wolfsburg
03.07. Eru  Spheroid Strings Berlin
04.07. - 05.07. Retrospective Dagmar Glausnitzer kunstwirkstoff Jerxheim
10.08. - 14.08. T.a.T. Workshop kunstwirkstoff Jerxheim
16.08. 5. open day kunstwirkstoff Jerxheim

Saturday, January 31st 2009
H2-OM  -  From the Year-tone to Quantum-Music

Lecture and Concert

Introductory Lecture by the Swiss Mathematician Hans Cousto.

Akasha Project - Live
the Frequencies of Hydrogen

Morphon - Live
the Frequencies of the Year-tone

Entrance: 7 pm
Begin: 8 pm

Tickets or at the door

Schimmel-Hof B2
Hamburger Straße 273




Saturday, March 28th 2009

A musical journey through four different sound spaces around the sun.

amongst others Christina Georgiou (Cyprus) and Eru Alexander Rues
Live Performance Art and Experimental Soundwork

Sophienstrasse 40




Wednesday, June 10th 2009

Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith

Paintings and Installation
'The Necessity of Uncertainty'

In the series of philosophical lectures
'mind and brain'
on the subject: 'Mental Perspectives - Progress or Regression?'

City Library Wolfsburg

Stadtbibliothek Wolfsburg  (Geist und Gehirn 2009)



Friday, June 19 2009

Vernissage of the one-week Exhibition



Seven of Eglise und Eru
Live Performance Art und Klangarbeit

Title: 'RaumZeichen'

Berlinerstraße 42
02826 Görlitz

Beginning: 7:30 pm



Wednesday, June 24th 2009


Experimental Music
'Spheroid Strings'

In the series of philosophical lectures
'mind and brain'
with the subject: 'Mental Perspectives - Progress or Regression?'

City library Wolfsburg

Stadtbibliothek Wolfsburg  (Geist und Gehirn 2009)



Friday, July 03rd 2009

Eru, B. Ashra, Jens Zygar and Akasha Project


BAR 25
10243 Berlin

22 Uhr



Saturday, Sunday, July 4th and July 5th 2009
Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith Retrospective

Exhibiton and Performance Art

title: '...carrying my bones to St Petersburg'

each day from 10 am to 18 pm




Monday August 10 until Friday August 14 2009
  T.a.T.  Performance Art Workshop


Examples of practical workshop subjects and objectives -
diverging perspectives:

  • repeated and extended exercises of perception and relaxation
  • training and group work, mover and witness
  • training of collaboration through group work
  • experience of synchronicity
  • drawing on paper
  • the object
  • developing an individual project and possibiliy of public presentation during open day on August 16
  • the body creates moving images: non-directive, non-representational, focus on transparency, energy, synergy and texture
  • awareness training of 'being' and understanding 'self'
  • analysing the image emphasising the meaning of depth and creating a text about the individual work

Further days can be arranged for a creative retreat, individual work development and accompanied with critical discourse by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith.

The Performance Art Workshop T.a.T. takes place with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 people.

Cost: € 250 per person includes nourishment; meals and fasting;
sleeping 4 nights and tuition 5 days at Jerxheim Bahnhof

Application 2 month prior date (UK with £ 20 deposit) via
Pay full amount 21 days in advance, see date
Cancellation pay 50 % after 14 days prior start date
discounted rates at 10 % for previous participants

email your name and dates until
(first come first serve)

Participants must have their own insurance
individual request for travel information
Please bring: Wellingtons, warm clothing, light clothing

add € 5 for documentation DVD

add € 10 extra day



Sunday, August 16 th 2009
12 - 7 pm
open day


Exhibitions, Film, Music, Action, Open Studios, Live Performance and Networking and german beer

Andreas Kothe Live Performance and Installation
Wolf Menzel Paintings and Installation
Franziska Rutz montage
Andreas Ludwig Graphic work, lithographies
Dagmar Glausnitzer Installation
Jaqueline Sattler Drawings and Screenprint
Tilman Thiemig ArtReading
José L. Garcia ArtReading/sound
Heinrich Römisch ArtReading/sound
Dietmar Becker Projection of a series of pictures
Christine Brelowski Classical Music
Nadine Riske Classical Music
Benjamin Stehr Classical Music
Mano Kellner Installation and Collages
Uschi Korowski Installation and Paintings
Nico Jäkel Photography
Erich Constein Drawings
Julia Wally Wagner Installation and Sculpture
Regina Scull Vessel-Sculptures + Text
Eru and Seven of Eglise Live Performance Art and Soundwork
Nicola Späth Projection of latest work - 'doodle[ings]'
Matthias Geiges electronical, experimental percussions
Eva Förster Live Performance Art
Torsten Adrian Live Performance Art
and participants of the T.a.T. Performance Art Workshops August 2009
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from 12:30


Image Projections




Live Performances by participants from T.a.T. Performance Art Workshop

part 1 amongst others Eva Förster and Torsten Adrian




Christine Brelowski/Viola da Gamba, Nadine Riske/Viola da Gamba, Benjamin Stehr/Theorbe playing :
Marin Marais - Les folies d' espagne (1656 - 1728)




Live Performances by participants from T.a.T. Performance Art Workshop

part 2 amongst others Eva Förster and Torsten Adrian




Andreas Kothe, Sound and Performance: Mixed Media Installation, Requiem 'for' with Requiem by Inger Christensen'. The picture, documentation history , sound collage of 4 lectures from butterfly valley




Tilman Thiemig, José L. Garcia, Heinrich Römisch

ArtReading with sound, 'Spinnenwege II'.

literary text traces: S.W. and Tilman Thiemig 'Klanggewebe': José L. Garcia (bass flute) and Heinrich Römisch (bass, soundloops)




Eru and Seven of Eglise, live Performance Art and soundwork 'Wahrnehmung des Unsichtbaren (eine Methode) II'


from 17:30


Matthias Geiges, Potsdam/Berlin, electronic experimental percussions


followed by Music Session and interactive sound experiments



Tel.: 05354 - 994547