Aims and Objectives of the organization kunstwirkstoff

Creating spaces for projects as a platform and as a strategic element for the practical development of artistic and cultural exchange and networking.

Workshops focus on Performance Art and are called T.a.T. meaning action in art in action. They can be established as educational outposts to regional and European Art institutions (Kingston University London). In the context of research some of the debates will engage in the position of the artist as foreigner and the experience and function of cultural 'vehicles'. kunstwirkstoff is also a tool for the planning, realization and production of Performance Art, mixed inter-disciplinary actions, cooridinated and introduced through the international project 'transitstation' event and exhibition in European cities.


The founders are Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
and Alexander Rues

Alexander Rues' focuses on music (Eru, Morphon, B.E.L.) / soundscapes and Photography.
He is independent web designer.

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith is professional Artist, Senior Lecturer and international Project Manager at Kingston University London.
Her main task is research and implementation of Performance Art Workshops (T.a.T.) and the international site-specific City Performance Workshops (Werktag)which is a one-day marathon workshop (7 am - 7 pm) taking place in European cities. In relationship to these workshops is the realisation of the concept of transitstation, an International Art Exhibition as 'event'. In her work Glausnitzer-Smith concentrates on performance art, photography, installations, film and painting.

The aims and objectives of the founders are to establish in kunstwirkstoff, a new task field to offer a variety of workshops and seminars to regional and international artists and to attract interested people. kunstwirkstoff represents the planning process of transitstation as a production and archive basis for the European development. Each place can be a center of communication and networking, its practical and theoretical preparations, postproductions of documentation materials of various projects.


Ideas from the philosophical structure

  • to build bridges: in the exchange of ideas and inventions different creative abilities can be identified and qualified
  • inter-cultural exchange level with an emphasis on 'intuition versus mind'
  • activities in 'the house' become the object of individual development
  • Art makes culture
  • to be on tour through European countries, participation and collaboration in projects like transitstation expand the international, artistic experience
  • forum for international contacts: websites and networking, transport and archival aspects, exhibitions, initiate new markets and different relations, language and the expansion of conventional art speak: Biography, Interviews, Photography, Text and Documentation
  • Training ground for audio-visual ideas
  • re-locating the object of Art

What is the dictum?

  • Art in action in art
  • facilitating procreation
  • we need the object of art as a tool to optimize the creative omnipotence of the creative process and the realization of ideas
  • concentration and focus of creative energy and re-instating relevant questions
  • in the mirror of present conditions and situations, to find orientation and being open for questions, curiosity and amazement for the ordinary
  • platform for active and creative people
  • the project transitstation, exhibition as event, talks a global audio-visual language



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e-mail: contact@kunstwirkstoff.de

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